Laundry management
Laundry management

Kimlea Hospitality Training

Kimlea’s core hospitality courses equip participants with the skills necessary to work in a very demanding environment that is within most busy hospitality settings. Consequently, the skills imparted empower participants to perform competently in; food and beverage service, receiving, processing and serving customer orders, housekeeping basics and laundry management. As a result, these skills are especially relevant for hotels, resorts, guest houses and also office blocks, among many others.

Attachment & Internships

After 5 full terms in the college, the students embark on an internship during the 6th term, which is their last term of study. They go to the service industry to work for 3 months. The industry includes hotels, restaurants, serviced apartments, Guest Houses, schools and hospitals. Most students end up getting jobs in their places of internship and this makes the employability rate of Kimlea student at 98%.

While on attachment, the staff of Kimlea visits each student in their place of attachment in order to see them at work and get a verbal report from the students, their supervisors and managers.

Employment Options

After this training, the students have several choices in terms of their subsequent career path. Consequently, employment opportunities in hotels, restaurants, resorts and other hospitality organizations can be sought for them by the College. Stable and good employment is always dependent on excellence in the performance of each student in their academic work complemented by their personal discipline and development.

In addition, students can also choose to venture into self-employment. While this can be an excellent option because it ensures that they are gainfully occupied almost immediately after training, it also assures they can sustain themselves with their skills learned. Given the personal mentoring provided at the college, they are better able to cope through the various stages of their business growth. Subsequently, since employment opportunities are becoming more difficult to secure, this can prove to be the preferred option.

Another option if viable and practical is that students can also decide to combine both employment and self-employment. This is a delicate balance to maintain and thus requires a highly developed sense of personal integrity and also meticulous work ethic. Personal development skills form part of the core of Kimlea’s curriculum. This means that, whichever option the student chooses to follow after graduation, she is fully equipped for the road ahead.

Kimlea Hospitality Training Course Overview

Duration – 2 years

Contact hours – Monday to Friday

Hospitality content outline

  • Production of food and beverage.
  • Service of food and beverage.
  • Food science and nutrition.
  • Front office techniques and practices.
  • Housekeeping and laundry management.

General knowledge content outline

  • English language and communication skills.
  • Computer packages.
  • Micro-entrepreneurship.
  • Introduction to bookkeeping and accounts.

Personal formation content outline

  • Moral and professional ethics.
  • Personal development sessions.

Kimlea Course Application Process

Prospective students are required to call the principal and book an interview. If your interview is successful, you can then complete the application form and arrange for payment of fees as per the fees structure.