Kimlea officially began operations in 1992 within a single room of the very first building, a simple prefabricated classroom. Consequently, it is now a cherished timepiece still standing on the compound today. Kimlea was established as a social protection project designed to empower women and girls through education and training. Subsequently, the very first pioneer women students were female workers on the surrounding tea and coffee plantations who wanted to uplift their lives. Due to their courageous spirit and willingness to improve their personal life situations, Kimlea truly got started. As a result, we owe a debt of gratitude to these industrious female students.

Milestones After 25 Years

This year Kimlea is celebrating 25 years of continued empowerment for disadvantaged girls and women. As a result of this, over a span of 25 years Kimlea has achieved many milestones for our individual students and the society as a whole. Some of these milestones are;

  • Uplifting the lives of over 20,000 disadvantaged and vulnerable women and girls. Furthermore, our testimonials showcase the personal success journeys of some of our valued alumni.
  • Nurturing the society around us through various social projects such as adult literacy classes. Currently, we provide affordable medical care using volunteers at our clinic. Furthermore, we also run 2 nursery schools to handle the children of surrounding tea and coffee plantation workers.
  • Expanding and evolving the curriculum to suit the changing requirements of our marketplace. Subsequently, we train our students to create their own income generating opportunities.
  • Have a well-trained and highly committed staff. Almost all of our staff we source through our high aptitude alumni. The idea is to transfer the expertise down the line.
  • Working with a team of exceptional partners who keep our college running through their generous donations. Fortunately, our very needy students get to complete their education through these kind benefactors.
  • Developing a diverse alumni family that grace our annual celebrations and through their presence inspire our incoming students with the zeal to aspire even higher.

We plan to be around for the next 25 years by faithfully continuing to follow our college motto which is, “Kazi huvuna matunda”.

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